Cedric Celery, Violinist

The quintessential 21st century all-American boy, Cedric Celery was born in Seed City, USA. The son of an award-winning abstract artist and interior designer, Cedric came from artistic stock, but apart from his mother’s time in the clarinet section of her high school band, the family as a whole had limited exposure to the world of live music. Cedric, an honor student at Seed City Elementary, filled his free time with baseball, stargazing from bedroom windows, video games and time with the family dog, until the day that the Celery family attended a children’s concert by the Seed City Symphony at the local concert hall. The moment that Cedric entered the Concert Hall, his life was forever changed by the amazing world of music. Particularly enthralled by the violinists of the Seed City Symphony, Cedric chose to begin studying the violin under the direction of Mrs. Berry, a local instructor, who introduced him to the adventure of a lifetime – the violin!

Introduce your students to string instruments with the delightful antics of Cedric Celery, as they together explore the exciting world of violin! Join in the adventure!